Polymer modification
We are ideally setup for all type of polymer modification with our tray conveyer which can handle liquid or granular products as same as packed boxes or piece goods.

Polymer Crosslinking
The advantages of crosslinking by using accelerated electrons are the

increase of:

  • tensile and impact load
  • comparative tracking index
  • durability
  • fastness to solvent and chemical
  • abrasion resistance
  • resistance to stress cracking
  • thermal stability and temperature limits

Electron beam crosslinking can be used for all kind of products, for example:

  • granular products
  • tubing on small reels or in pieces up to 2400mm length
  • all kind of packing material, bags and foils
  • bottles, tubes
  • all kind of bottle and bag closures
  • boxes
  • housing for electrical devices
  • automatic circuit breaker
  • plastic parts for automotive industry

Curing of high performance composite products
Electron Beam curing is a non-thermic process to cause the resin to crosslink and therefore produces high performance composite parts. It opens the possibility to build complicated composite structures without the need of autoclaves and expensive, high pressure and temperature resistant moulding tools.

Controlled degradation
For certain materials the electron beam radiation can improve properties by controlled degradation or chain scission.

Nucleation of Polymers by electron beams
During the cooling of the melting of polymers, spherulite structures can form. A slow cooling will produce only a few relatively large spherulites. To enhance some characteristics of these polymers, the formation of many small spherulites is necessary. This can be influenced by using boron nitrid, silicates, metal oxides or metal salts of organic acids. These usually toxic substances are built into the matrix of the polymers which can negatively affect mechanical properties.

By irradiating a part of the granule with electrons, it can be used to influence the nucleation. Toxic substances are no longer necessary. The amount of irradiated granule and the energy dose being used might be different for each polymer. The following enhancements can be achieved by using this method:

  • Thermal stability due to a higher melting point
  • Mechanical strength
  • Creeping
  • No toxic substances necessary
  • Shorter cycle times during injection molding due to faster cooling/ crystallization
  • Specific modification of the melt index

Bioreduction and sterilization of
medical devices and packing material

Sterilization of medical devices, packaging and raw materials by electron beam treatment is one of the safest and most efficient processes to inactivate not only all forms of microbial life but also viruses, plasmids, as well as spore forms and DNA fragments.

Semiconductor Enhancement
Our range of services includes Si-doping using neutrons, minority carrier life-time control using electron beam treatment, and process development for special applications such as photovoltaic.

Laboratory Services
Herotron's unique radiation measurement laboratory allows for high volume radioactivity measurements on small parts. We can flexibly reconfigure our measurement volume from individual gemstones up to 200ml sized samples.

Our facility is specialized in color enhancement of precious and semiprecious gemstones. The services include:

  • color enhancement
  • cutting & polishing
  • certification & logistics
  • US import & distribution according to NRC regulation

For all gemstone treatment requests, please contact BCS.

BCS Zimmermann Stone Colour table

Process Development R&D
With a world wide network of physics, engineering and chemistry resources combined with our own core competencies Herotron can provide process developments for new applications to customers specifications.