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The BCS group is market leader in treatment of gemstones worldwide. As a member of the BCS group Herotron provides electron and heat treatment for topaz as well as for a varity of other precious and semiprecious gemstones and minerals.

Color Enhancement

Color Enhancement
Blue topaz is synonymous with Zimmermann BCS Stones GmbH. BCS has more than 30 years of experience in gemstone color enhancement. Besides kashmir, london and sky blue topaz BCS also provides a large range of enhancement services also for other semiprecious and precious gemstones, as well as for other minerals.

Cutting and Polishing

Cutting and Polishing
Since January 2008, BCS is operating a new state of the art cutting and polishing factory. Located next door to BCS's logistics and distribution center this new facility is specialized on custom cuts and pre-forms to allow more efficient color enhancement processing.

NRC licensed Import and distribution

NRC licensed Import and distribution
The USA requires importers of irradiated gemstones to posess two licenses, one for the legal import and a second for the legal distribution to whole salers or jewelry manufacturers. The BCS group has acquired all necessary licenses to import and distribute gemstones via our subsidiary HBM Virginia LLC.

BCS Zimmermann Stone Colour Table

Zimmermann BCS Stones GmbH- Partner in gemstones

  • are synonymous with blue topaz and produce sky, london and swiss blue topaz
  • perform color enhancements on all types of precious and semi-precious gemstones
  • cut and polish in our own factory in Germany for special requests
  • provide all certification and logistics services world wide

More than 30 year track record
During the last 30 years Zimmermann BCS Group has built up unique process know-how for coloration of Topaz. BCS functions as the face to the customer and has exclusive contracts with four nuclear reactors for neutron treatment of Topaz gemstones and operates its own electron beam treatment facility at Herotron E-Beam Service. Through HBM Virginia we are providing certification services for USA customers.

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Geschäftsführer / Managing Director: Heidemarie Zimmermann
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